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weather station

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Often we wait a couple of hours on television or radio weather forecasts to see what is and will be the weather during our stay by the sea in Wladyslawowo, and even more precisely in Cetniewo. We can certainly look to the weather web site and check weather predictions at any time. There is only one but both radio and television, and network weather services often wrong, because based on weather data from the weather station away our position - Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo.

In the accommodation Cetniewo Olenka Wladyslawowo ul. Cetniewska 15 was mounted weather station, which constantly records among other things, the current temperature, humidity, pressure and wind speed.

weather Cetniewo is a website where the data from this station are illustrated and updated every 10 minutes. There are also here for weather reports and graphs - Weekly, monthly and annual reports to Cetniewo. In addition, pictures of Polish satellite, where you can see where and so the sun is shining, and the sky is overcast. There is also a map with the Polish radar portrayal of rain and storm.

Home weather station Cetniewo Olenka - technical data:

Time and date
Pressure min / max
Controlled clock DCF
Chart pressure changes
weather forecast
Wind speed
Wind direction
Outside temperature
Outside temperature min / max
Outdoor humidity
External humidity min / max
Sensed temperature
Atmospheric pressure
Minimum temperature (° C) -40
Pressure trend (weather)
Outside temperature: -40.0 ° C to + 65.0 ° C
Humidity range of 10% to 99%
Atmospheric pressure range: 27.13inHg - 31.89inHg
The range of wind speed: 0 ~ 100mph
Scope of rain gauge: 0-9999mm