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detour through Łebcz

Translation was done by Google translator.

When in season, driving in traffic on the route from Puck, and even before Swarzewem find that you're tired and you seek to continue the tour or the tour is to solve the provincial road 216 to the Łebcz Wladyslawowo.

Just behind Puck you can admire a beautiful panorama of the Bay of Puck from the right side, but after a moment, a gentle curve, turn left at the single-track Gnieżdżewo, unguarded railway crossing! Stop by the STOP! This track really sometimes ride the trains and rail buses for the Gdynia and Hel Władysławowa!

However, if this intersection is ominąłeś at the roundabout at Gnieżdżewie can turn to the city and then head for Łebcz and Wladyslawowo or take advantage of tours described in the tab Chłapowska Way or the last chance .

The road is upgraded, asphalt. In Gnieżdżewie at the crossroads, turn left on Łebcz. If you are on the way to the left you pass a farm windmills that means that going in the right direction.

In the Łebczu, at the junction turn right at Wladyslawowo. Paved road, renovated. When the road you will pass landmarks on the right side, ie a plant producing products under the name Dr. Oetker (characteristic red-blue-white logo) and the radar station with military radar, that means going the right way.

At the junction turn left and eat about 0.3 km until you see the right of the green signpost - Cetniewo. Turn as indicated by a signpost - to the right.

Again, you must be careful because it will be a short stretch of road laid with slabs, slow down and pay attention to the four new "sleeping policemen". Eat all the time straight down the street until you reach the junction Cetniewską Cetniewskiej street from Long Street.

Unfortunately, ul. Cetniewska on the stretch from the Solar Street to Long Street is one way, so going straight ahead you will continue riding the tide, but to us it is only 10 meters. Sometimes, especially during the season, the police are waiting at this point in such free-riders.

So we turn the corner of Long Street Cetniewskiej the right, go about 100 meters down the street a long and at the next intersection of Long Street and the street Parkowa shorten the left. Continue about 70 meters down the street parks. At the next intersection street, park and street Solar turn left. Then 50 meters down the street junction solar Solar street and the street Cetniewskiej, where we turn left and go straight 50 meters up the hill past a street intersection and street Cetniewskiej Brief.

Note the stop sign on the left side of street. Cetniewskiej, which came into force on the section from the intersection of the street Cetniewskiej solar and Long streets.

Your destination - Olenka Cetniewo private accommodation located on the left side. Distinguishing marks: garden , large thuja in a corner of the property and Olenka inscription on the building - as more fully described in the tab location

Pokaż Cetniewo OLEŃKA dojazd - objazd przez Łebcz na większej mapie