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Typical direction

Directions PKS-I or bus described in the tab bus, bus .

Typical accessible by car from the south to the Polish town of Wladyslawowo to object Cetniewo Olenka from the Tri-City, or how to get to Wladyslawowo - route description and on the occasion of advice on how to get to Wladyslawowo without "caps" and skip over the whole of Poland's famous Vladislav roundabout.

Tricity ring road (not recommended due to the congestion toll by the Tri-City - Gdańsk, Sopot, Gdynia). Continue through the national road (6) Gdynia - Reda, and renewed and modernized by the provincial Red - Puck (216) and Rondo in Wladyslawowo, where we go Karwia (Jastrzebia Hill).

Further, as described in the tab location of the object Cetniewo Olenka. The direction of the roundabout at Karwia, further avenue for the sole Stefan Żeromski Wladyslawowo pedestrian crossing with traffic lights (opposite the Church of the Assumption ) and on the second crossroad for the crossing, turn left, onto Cetniewską. Property Cetniewo Olenka is the street between intersections Cetniewskiej Cetniewskiej street with short and long street.

If you rode in a conventional way, ie the main road (6) Gdynia - Reda, and renewed and modernized by the provincial Red - Puck (216) and further to Wladyslawowo and discover that traffic jams are forcing a detour to look for is a couple of options such as:

- In the tab detour through Łebcz described and a map of the route

- Detour in the tab Chłapowska Road is also a description and map of the route

- last chance to submit option to avoid the crowded season, usually in a roundabout in Wladyslawowo already on the streets of Gdansk in Wladyslawowo just before the roundabout

Pokaż Cetniewo OLEŃKA dojazd na większej mapie