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The most recent bus timetables and buses are the addresses:



Directions PKS-I or bus to the town of Wladyslawowo Gdynia off-season lasts approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes in the season is subject to "traffic jams".

Distances from the Villa Cetniewo Olenka to the bus stop Wladyslawowo Cetniewo, which is located at the main gate of the Sport Centre Cetniewo COS is 200 m, and the bus stop Wladyslawowo, which is at the train station is 800 m.

If you ride the bus or bus-I, which goes to the mountains or Karwia Jastrzebia we get off at the bus stop Władysławowo Cetniewo because we have to make only 200 m. The shortest route from the bus by: Scout street, at the second intersection, turn into the intersection of Short and of the street you see the string Cetniewską Olenka on our building - as described in the tab location .

If the bus station or bus rides to Hel to get off at the bus stop Wladyslawowo, which is the main railway station. The transition will be about 800 m. It should be guided towards the Church of the Assumption and walk through the streets of the Blue Army, Stefan Żeromski Avenue, at the church on the only pedestrian crossing with traffic lights, you can go on the other side of Stephen Avenue Żeromski, because during the season is often "string of cars." Next Sun Street and Cetniewską.

Often people who are first in Wladyslawowo wrong tower Fisherman's House, which is visible from the bus stop Wladyslawowo, with the original architecture of religious buildings that is the Church of the Assumption in Wladyslawowo. So let's see the pictures of the Fisherman's House - bookmark Fisher House and photographs of the church of the Assumption - tuck the Assumption Church , in order to avoid the unnecessary confusion and wandering after Wladyslawowo especially on hot days.

At the train station and bus stations, taxi rank is Wladyslawowo. It's easy to find. After exiting the train station toward the street Ge. Haller is on the right.