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Władysławowo town

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Wladyslawowo is attractive to tourists, a coastal city located at the base of the Hel Peninsula as seen on aerial photographs from the right. Districts are Cetniewo, Hallerowo, Downtown, Szotland and pebble, which are diverse in terms of travel (the distance from the sea, prices). These distances from the sea, reveals the best map of Wladyslawowo . If you are looking for a beautiful place to spend a seaside summer holiday can choose Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo.

Places in Wladyslawowo to visit:
- beach
- Sports Centre COS Cetniewo
- Sport Stars Avenue
- fishing port

Buildings to be seen while in Wladyslawowo:
- Church
- Fisherman's House

During the summer series takes place here during the summer, attractive events. The official and most current calendar of events for the summer season in Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo is Wladyslawowo side of town.