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Description of family house

Family house and a summer home are located on one fenced property in Wladyslawowo Street Cetniewska 15th. Family house is situated on the street and a summer house in the depths of the garden.

Family family house is heated.

Here you find the rooms (there are also videos and pictures of rooms):
- Family house - 2 person room with bathroom and balcony
- Family house - 3 person room with bathroom and balcony
- Family house - 4 person room with bathroom and balcony

There are also rooms for 4 persons, consisting of two separate rooms and a shared bathroom. We recommend this room especially for families with two children.

Some rooms have sea views.
All bathrooms have showers.

Typical room equipment is tapczaniki or sofa, table, chairs, side tables and lamps, screen and beach blanket, a kettle, cups and cutlery.

The fridge is in the hallway on each floor of family home or in selected rooms.

Kitchenette is in the basement of a family house.

Below is a random movie from the family house.