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ATMs and Banks

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On this page is a list of ATMs and bank branches in Wladyslawowo , which as it happens in life can change every year. In summer, due to the large number of holidaymakers are run additional ATMs, even so in July and August typically have to abandon her to withdraw cash.

Seasonal ATMs due to annual changes in their position are given in the following list as of 2009.

ATM Bank Millennium SA (24)
Wladyslawowo, ul. Sports 1

ATM Bank Millennium SA (24)
building Fisherman House
Wladyslawowo, ul. Haller 19

ATM Bank Pekao SA (24)
Wladyslawowo 84-120, ul. Haller 22

poolside COS Cetniewo
Wladyslawowo, ul. Żeromskiego 52

Euronet ATM (24)
Papierniczo-toy shop
Wladyslawowo, ul. Haller 4

Euronet ATM (24)
Market Ladybug
Wladyslawowo, ul. Starowiejska 25

Cash4you ATM (24)
Polo Market
Wladyslawowo, ul. Gdansk 750

(From May 1 to September 30)

Wladyslawowo, ul. A pebble
Wladyslawowo, ul. Birch 12
Wladyslawowo, ul. 3 cottages
Wladyslawowo, ul. Sports 20
Wladyslawowo, ul, Hryniewiecki 4
Wladyslawowo, Abraham Square 7

The location of places that are worth seeing in Wladyslawowo ( Avenue of the Stars of Sport , the Assumption Church , the Fisherman's House , a fishing port , COS Cetniewo ) shows our map of Wladyslawowo .

When the situation forces to withdraw cash, and the Workability of this will be impossible for some reason, you can go to Puck Łebcz example by avoiding the "stoppers" in the season from Wladyslawowo - Puck (instead of 10 km 14 km).

Bank Millennium SA, ATM (24)
Puck, ul. New World 2

Bank Millennium SA, ATM (24)
Puck, ul. Haller 1

Puck, ul. Majkowski 2