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local fee (tax)

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The rates of local taxes, commonly referred to as climate resolutions are governed by municipal councils or municipalities. The fee you pay every tourist arriving on vacation to the resort town. Is levied for each day of stay. Collected amounts accommodation owners are required to submit their self-government. The assumption of local fees should be used for tourist purposes.

Below the full text of the resolution regulating the current charge rates in Wladyslawowo from the web page UM Wladyslawowo - / # Z2V0Q29udGVudCgxNjgzLDI2Myk =

According RESOLUTION NO LIV/496/2010 CITY COUNCIL Władysławowa 27 October 2010 on: determining the amount of local tax rates in the city Administration Wladyslawowo in 2011:

determine the local tax rate levied in Wladyslawowo from individuals residing in the leisure, training or travel for each day spent in the administrative area of ​​the City of Wladyslawowo:
1) 0.70 zł for children and young people learning
2) 0.70 zł for pensioners
3) 1,50 zł from other persons covered by the local charge