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The road through the meadow

Translation was done by Google translator.

"The road through the meadow" an alternative route directions by car to Cetniewo and Władysławowo, in relation to a stoppered in the summer of national road No. 6 on the Classifieds section - Red and provincial road No 216 Red - Hel.

Thanks objazdowi the season - in July and August, especially on weekends, avoiding places where there are traffic jams typical, ie
- Tri-City ring road exit on the street Gdynia Maritime
- Almost all intersections with traffic lights in Gdynia and Rumia, Reda and Puck
- Exit from the national road No. 6 - combines the two most important centers in the north of Poland, Szczecin and Tricity ie, in No. 216 provincial road connecting Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia in the northern part of Pomerania to the Hel
- Sometimes the cap extends from Reda up to the only roundabout in Władysławowo, where is the exit in the direction of Hel or Jastrzębia Mountains and Karwia.

It should follow the following map, for directions to Władysławowo and Cetniewo or return from holiday packages from over the sea, as in the extreme case of choosing this route may save us many hours stuck in traffic!

The following map of the tour, "The road through the meadow" without traffic jams on the route directions from Gdynia to Wladyslawowo national road (6) and provincial road (216)

Pokaż Droga przez łąki na większej mapie

Description of the tour:

- Tri-City on the ring road, turn right on the wharf Kwiatkowski in Gdynia

- Wharf Kwiatkowski reach the junction with Colonel Stanislaw Dabek Street, where you turn left

- Stanislaw Dabek colonel street we come to the roundabout, where we choose the first exit - direction Pierwoszyno

- In Pierwoszynie head for Rumia No. 100 provincial road connecting the village of Rumia Pierwoszyno until the right direction to see the puck, where we turn right

- Going to the puck, the way we pass the village Mrzezino, Smolno and Żelistrzewo

- When we get to Puck, Puck street in the 1st Polish Army to reach the first roundabout, where we choose the third exit onto Wejherowska and get to the second roundabout, where you select the first exit onto the streets of General Jozef Haller, at the intersection of Street 10 Feb. turn left to reach the junction with traffic lights on the provincial road No. 216 Red - Hel, where you turn right onto Wladyslawowo.