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fishing port Wladyslawowo

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Port in Wladyslawowo is located on the open sea. It is a fishing port with the marina and passenger sailing. Entrance to the fishing port of Wladyslawowo is free.

It docked in a lot of boats for local fishermen, the abbreviation WŁA marked on the side.
In the summer, the yachts arrive from all over Europe.

Anglers who like sea fishing trips can be found here with the possibility of recreational fishing, that is - Fishing the sea .

The port is a favorite place for walking holiday, gourmet fresh fried fish and cruises. In short breakwater at the port is our local "mole" for walking. If you want to hear the "patter of white gulls" This is a good place, especially when they return to the port of fishermen and boats from fishing. On the right you can see photos of some of the many fishing boats from Wladyslawowo fishing port: WŁA-3 i WŁA-11, WŁA-31, WŁA-61, WŁA-71, WŁA-87.

Items boats based on data from AIS automatic identification systems can be checked in the tab Władysławowo positions of fishing boats .

For walkers the way through the port is a convenient shortcut when hiking with Cetniewo the Hel Peninsula. Allows you to bypass the city center and avoid traffic jams Wladyslawowo and bustle of cars on the provincial road 216, Wladyslawowo to Hel. And while the season is usually very crowded road.

Along the way we pass the "Wladyslawowo port" - the second railway station in Wladyslawowo unique plants and installations in Wladyslawowo, using waste gas from offshore platforms, extracting oil from the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Above the fishing port dominated House Fisherman . Fisherman's House Tower is a distinctive architectural element in Wladyslawowo.

Manages the port of Wladyslawowo PPiUR "schooner" Sp. z oo

Enterprise Fishing and Fishing Services "schooner"
Limited Liability Company
Wladyslawowo 84-120, ul. Port 22
Telephone fishing port Wladyslawowo 48 58 674 00 66

If you want to check the current positions of cutters and what units are currently in the fishing port of Wladyslawowo on the basis of data from automatic identification system (AIS Automatic Identification System) visit. Here you can select an area on the map of Wladyslawowo. When you click the symbol has a particular craft, you can check the details: name, flag, course, speed, size, destination port and a picture of the boat.

The details of the fishing port of Wladyslawowo from this site, including the craft which are currently in port, are at / ais / en / portdetails.aspx? Port_id = 539

Below a random movie from the fishing port.