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Fisherman's House

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Fisherman's House in Wladyslawowo is one of the landmarks of this city and was built in the 50s of last century. In the past, he served as a hotel for fishermen and was a place of revelry.

Today the building houses the office of the city Wladyslawowo medical clinic, bank, and the tower is available vantage point. In your free time is worth from this place to admire the city skyline Wladyslawowo, Hel Peninsula, Cape Rozewie, Puck Bay and the Baltic Sea and the fishing port (5 in 1 - a vantage point, as many as five geographical concepts.)

Fisherman's House in Wladyslawowo is the dominant street culmination of General Jozef Haller.

Note to tourists who are visiting for the first time Wladyslawowo .
Often, especially those getting off the train at a station station or the bus at the bus stop confusing the Fisherman's House tower with the original architecture of religious buildings that is the Church of the Assumption in Wladyslawowo. So let's review the following pictures of the Fisherman's House, to avoid the unnecessary confusion and wandering after Wladyslawowo especially on hot days.