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TIPS - How to rent holiday accommodation on Internet

Every year many people fall victim to fraudsters claiming to be owners of accommodation facilities - mostly in the mountains in winter and during the summer by the sea and lakes. Scammers advertise in newspapers, leaflets, internet, and even create Web pages giving the fictional object, or worse still existing, but belonging to another person who did not even expect, that is used in this way. To persuade potential customers to pay a deposit for the rental of your account talk about the advantages of an object, send the pictures, asking for review of your website. Often they are offering a very "attractive" prices. The following 5 tips on how to avoid the summer slip and enjoy a good holiday.

1. Object should have a phone that is associated with the address of this object.

2. Check the telephone number listed in the telephone facility.

3. Choose the facility that provides only an e-mail or cell phone is very risky!

4. Check whether the object is registered in the register of economic activities on the website of the municipal authority, or by calling the municipal office.

5. Check website (its history and future versions - note the page with a short experience, check the data given in the first version of the page) we will enter in the search - / web / * / name-the-web-object