Władysławowo town

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Wladyslawowo is attractive to tourists, a coastal city located at the base of the Hel Peninsula as seen on aerial photographs from the right. Districts are Cetniewo, Hallerowo, Downtown, Szotland and pebble, which are diverse in terms of travel (the distance from the sea, prices). These distances from the sea, reveals the best map of Wladyslawowo . If you are looking for a beautiful place to spend a seaside summer holiday can choose Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo.

Sport Stars Avenue

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Sport Stars Avenue

Sport Stars Avenue in Wladyslawowo an avenue of stars, bronze lettered names and the names of the athletes and the names of disciplines. Avenue next to Central Sports Centre Olympic Training Center COS Cetniewo .

Opis domu letniskowego

Wakacje noclegi we Władysławowie Cetniewie
Obiekt Cetniewo OLEŃKA kwatery prywatne to dom jednorodzinny i dom letniskowy znajdujące się na jednej, ogrodzonej posesji we Władysławowie ul. Cetniewska 15. Dom jednorodzinny - Budynek A usytuowany jest przy ulicy, a dom letniskowy - Budynek B w głębi ogrodu.

W domu letniskowym - Budynek B są pokoje z wejściem z tarasu:

Fisherman's House

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Fisherman's House in Wladyslawowo is one of the landmarks of this city and was built in the 50s of last century. In the past, he served as a hotel for fishermen and was a place of revelry.

railway station

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At the address rozklad-pkp.pl always the most current schedule of trains including railway timetables of trains from / to the station Wladyslawowo and Wladyslawowo port.

Travel time from station to station Gdynia Central Władysławowo is more than 50 minutes.

nasza filmoteka

Filmiki z pokoi są pod adresem https://www.youtube.com/Thecetniewo

dom jednorodzinny
- 2 osobowy - Dom jednorodzinny - pokój 2 osobowy z łazienką i balkonem,
- 3 osobowy - Dom jednorodzinny - pokój 3 osobowy z łazienką i balkonem,
- 4 osobowy - Dom jednorodzinny - pokój 4 osobowy z łazienką i balkonem.
- 4 osobowy (2sypialnie) - Dom jednorodzinny - pokój 4 osobowy (2 sypialnie) z łazienką i balkonem.

dom letniskowy
- 2 osobowy - Dom letniskowy - pokój 2 osobowy z łazienką i tarasem


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The main attraction and also the "national good" village Wladyslawowo and summer resort area Cetniewo for tourists is the beach. What are the beaches in Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo? Beach within Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo is extensive, with numerous sandy, guarded swimming areas. The system of ocean currents makes the beach is not undermines, and its width is fixed, and the sand ... you have to convince yourself.

Welcome to the seaside to Wladyslawowo Cetniewo

Cetniewo OLEŃKA Guest House facility is located in Cetniewo - summer resort area of Wladyslawowo and consists of a single family house and a holiday home.

Our friendly Guest Accommodation offering clean and neat 2, 3 person rooms with bathroom and with entrance from the terrace - in the holiday home or 2, 3, 4 person rooms with bathrooms and balconies - in a family house. All bathrooms have showers.

We also have rooms for 4 persons, consisting of two separate rooms and one bathroom - in a family house. It is an attractive offer especially for parents with two children.

Wladyslawowo - supermarkets

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The largest crowd in Wladyslawowo, when our 15 thousand inhabitants Wladyslawowo przejstacza a great agglomeration estimated at about 100 thousand, is from 15 July to 15 August - the so-called "full season." During this period, the highest prices are also cheap. Prices of food, fruit and vegetable shops in the district are higher throughout July and August, which is often commented upon by incomers and natives. Example - the price of bread to bagels to 2.50 zł - it seems like in July 2010 too high.