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The main attraction and also the "national good" village Wladyslawowo and summer resort area Cetniewo for tourists is the beach. What are the beaches in Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo? Beach within Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo is extensive, with numerous sandy, guarded swimming areas. The system of ocean currents makes the beach is not undermines, and its width is fixed, and the sand ... you have to convince yourself.

From our facility Cetniewo Olenka road runs along the beach road is parallel Sports Sports Stars Avenue . And the site of the Sport Centre Cetniewo COS , the main entrance, leads the shortest route to the beach. At the same time allows you to bypass all the stalls from the streets of Sports. This is a valuable and useful information for parents with children.

In the summer, here are numerous attractions: sports equipment rentals, catering and events organized by different companies advertise their products, the evening held a disco. The beach is regularly cleaned and every day. Gliders in large quantities, Lech beer bottle adult size, sand castles, lonely plażowiczki, palms on the beach, sunsets, his stone on the beach, impressionistic approach to everything you see in the pictures on the right side or in the real world when you're on the beach in the village Wladyslawowo and summer resort area Cetniewo.

Off season is the perfect place for walking whatever the sea state and weather. Enthusiasts of walking with poles - Nordic Walking , you will find on the beach in Wladyslawowo ideal place to practice their sport: beach, a picturesque route Wladyslawowo - Cetniewo - Rozewie, Lasek coastal path along the beach or the forest through the fishing port in the direction of houses and Hel.

If you want to see how the beach in Wladyslawowo-season looks and changes during the course of a summer day from the air, visit / page, search, index.html & search = WPFKACPER year = & x = 69 & y = 13

Here is the "Day at the Beach in Wladyslawowo in a series of eight images from 2008 by Kacper Kowalski Award in the photography competition World Press Photo. Enter this address in the search engine or just copy and see - worth it!

The answer to the question: Is the beach and the water in the sea in Wladyslawowo clean? is in the tab Clean beach .