FreeHotspotWP in Władysławowo

Translation was done by Google translator.

Company created in Wladyslawowo free Internet zone. Advertisements of this zone during the season, welcoming all already on the outskirts of the city. Polish Virtual Free Hotspot is available throughout the year.

The best wireless coverage to Avenue of Stars of Sport between the streets of the Defenders of Hel and birch streets. Here, especially in the season you can find many people sitting on benches and using their Wi-Fi devices (photo at right). Our map Władysławowa illustrates this place.

Among the many hotspots in the region emitting its SSID, select "FreeHotspotWP. Hassle-free is to link with the website of Wirtualna Polish, also in its mobile version (for mobile phones and PDAs). So we have access to the latest news from home and abroad. You can also e-mail from your mailbox

If you want to go to the Internet beyond the Page it is required to log on. Please enter your login and password, the same as the Polish Virtual mail. Of course, you can create an email account through this hotspot HR.

Practical speed is not impressive, but if there are not too many people connected to the hotspot, you can try to connect via Skype and free calls over the Internet.

It is regrettable that the hotspot coverage is not so large to cover an area camera aimed at Sport Stars Avenue near the fountain, street priest Merklein and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the Internet address camera: / index.php? id = 173). In this way you would while talking via Skype and greet callers by the camera and everything free. Such multimedia holiday greeting postcard instead.

We all know this, but we repeat some rules for safe use of hotspots:

- Do not use its online bank, do not log in to your bank account

- Do not send through the hotspot passwords, access codes and other important data and information we

- When you log in to your email account using the SSL protocol, which sends the encrypted data such as a password to log on to your mail. Secure login is enabled by default for example, has, or

- Relevant data can be sent via encrypted channel Virtual Private Network VPN (Virtual Private Network)