Nordic Walking Władysławowo

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We would like to promote an active holiday by the sea, so we have a two pairs of poles for Nordic Walking, which we can lend our guests for free. Wladyslawowo are many beautiful trails that can march with poles. You can choose not only to stroll along the beach toward Rozewie or Hel, but also to a park or forest growing along the beach or on a long trip to Puck.

For those who have not yet heard about this form of active rest, we'd like, what is Nordic Walking. The most encouraging to start walking with poles is that they do not need any special preparation, conditioning and skills to start Nordic walking. Just enthusiasm, sports attire and a pair of poles. Of course, before you choose a route, you should perform the five-minute warm-up to our muscles were prepared for the effort. There are no rules that determine how fast to march, everyone can adjust tempo to their forces. It is essential that when walking with poles, we use most of our muscles, while walking on an ordinary working just our legs. Poles also relieve our ponds.

During the walk, remember to keep the correct posture. Putting sticks to reflect the rhythm of the march, they should be put where the leg touching the ground. Their position should always be on the back, close your legs. Poles must be repelled from the ground, and not just put them. The more brisk walking, the more calories burned, but we should talk without walking out of breath.

Those who liked the description of the sport, we encourage you to use our loan proposals and sticks during your stay in our facility. All you have to do is ask about the poles. Keep in mind passing them on each trip.