water buses

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One of the highlights of the summer may be a water tram. This can also be an alternative way of getting on the Hel Peninsula without traffic jams.

In the summer, water trams on routes (in parenthesis travel time one way):

- Line F1 Gdańsk - Helium - Gdańsk (110 minutes)

- Line F2 Hel - Sopot - Hel (90 minutes)

- Line 520 Gdynia - Hel - Gdynia (60 minutes)

- Line 530 Gdynia - Jastarnia - Gdynia (75 minutes).

Trams are equipped to take on board the bike. So you can also visit the Classifieds bike. With Wladyslawowo and Cetniewo to Jastarnia or Hel beautiful cycling route over the same bay, and the Tri waterway. You can also drive up to Hel Jastarnia or train, bus or shuttle.

In Gdynia is a free bus service for passengers connecting 050 Railway Station PKP Gdynia the vaporetto dock in Gdynia, avenue John Paul II. And the central railway station in Gdynia is the stop SKM (Rapid Urban Railway skm.pkp.pl) so that the whole Classifieds (Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk) is in the "range of hand."

Unfortunately, ticket booking sites do not lead to the water buses. Tickets can be purchased in advance. Also, a pool is maintained at the date of departure.

More detailed information on the trams (water points ticket sales, ticket prices, hours of departure, besides, the power to free and concessionary travel) is on pages gdynia.pl, zkmgdynia.pl, gdansk.pl, ztm.gda.pl / ferry.

Ticket Prices
Gdynia (Line 520, Line 530)
2010: normal 12 zł, reduced 6 zł, bike 3 zł
2011 years: normal 14 zł, reduced 7 zł, bike 3 zł