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Church in Wladyslawowo

Church in the village of Wladyslawowo was built in stages, the effort of generations of parishioners and clergy. This allows you to enjoy the original neo-Gothic religious architecture, modernist and contemporary green surrounded by a neat and tidy, as shown in the photographs on the right.

The first part of the church, the nave in the Gothic style, was built in the interwar years, thirties of the twentieth century. Currently, outside the part of the church stands a red brick. At / You can see the church from this period of audiovisual collections of the National Digital Archive.

In the fifties of the twentieth century, the expansion of the church in the modernist style, while referring to the existing neo-Gothic part of the church. Currently, outside the part of the church stands a white facade.

The church was entered in the register of historic churches in the 80 century (List of immovable monuments national monuments - parish church. St Mary Church, 1932-1936, Reg No: 987 of 02.10.1987).

The final stage of expansion was the construction of the tower and bell at the same time, in the nineties of the last century, referring to the architecture of the existing church and projecting over the tops of trees, as seen in one of the photographs on the right.

Church is located on Stephen Zeromski Avenue , between the streets and Spruce Merklein priest. Nearby is the Stars of Sport Avenue and COS Cetniewo .

The church in the summer season, on Thursdays at 8 p.m. only for lovers of early music summer concerts are held and chamber organ.

on weekdays, 6.30, 7.00, 18.00,
on Sundays and holidays 6.30, 8.00, 9.30, 11.00, 12.30, 14.00, 15.00, 18.00.

As an additional attraction for visitors and tourists can be seen Mass celebrated in Kashubian at 14.00.

Church has the official website at