Sport Stars Avenue

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Sport Stars Avenue

Sport Stars Avenue in Wladyslawowo an avenue of stars, bronze lettered names and the names of the athletes and the names of disciplines. Avenue next to Central Sports Centre Olympic Training Center COS Cetniewo .

The first thirteen sports, including as a first Feliks Stamm, honored in this way in Wladyslawowo in 2000. Since then, every year during the holidays - in July or August, held a ceremony unveiling the next stars, often with well-known and outstanding athletes or coaches, which attracts crowds of tourists at this time resting in Wladyslawowo.

Walk of Fame crowning  Wladyslawowo Sports is a fountain and a candle at a time. Flame burned throughout the duration of the Olympic summer and winter. In summer the fountain is a great place to cool off in the steamy and the summer days and a great attraction for young children. The second fountain is in the Central Sports Centre in Cetniewo.

Sports Avenue of Stars is located parallel and between the streets, sporting and Maritime and starts with the street priest Merklein, where the Assumption Church , until the descent where to go is now beach . It is mandatory site visit Wladyslawowo.

Burning candles around stars Athletes on All Saints Day a reminder of the struggles of sports that are now history and that their main characters is not among us.

Interesting article in the Policy Mariusz Czubaj in 2006 on the history of the Walk of Fame Władysławowo Sports is located at: / art / resort-wielogwiazdkowy, 369625.html

Foundation website, "Avenue of Stars of Sport 'is at:

Here you can find a detailed list of those honored annually successive editions since 2000, historical avenue, news and names of persons who are the creators of this particular initiative. Congratulations and thank you!

On this page is also the current camera image on-line aimed at Avenue of Stars of Sport - Address: / index.php? id = 173

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